"It doesn't matter where you came from, it matters where you are going."  

 - Condoleezza Rice


In 1991, Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Susan Ford-Dorsey founded the Center For A New Generation in East Palo Alto, California in conjunction with family members, local philanthropists, and colleagues at Stanford University.  Dr. Rice and Mrs. Ford-Dorsey wanted to provide academic and arts enrichment to assure striving students the support system for academic and personal success.  CNG started as a unique out of school and summer program in East Palo Alto.

Dr. Rice and Mrs. Ford-Dorsey wanted to provide opportunities that were lacking outside of the classroom for students they called “strivers" (defined as low-income, middle of the road academic students who are under nurtured during after-school and summer hours who just need and want a little extra help and development to succeed).  


CNG encourages these “strivers” to expand their learning experience by exploring a diversity of subjects from language arts, math, science, visual arts, music, and computers/technology.

Since then, CNG has created a partnership with local Boys and Girls Clubs to expand the reach to hundreds of children. 

CNG is a thriving program in:


The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula, California

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, Georgia

A.G. Gaston Boys & Girls Club in Birmingham, Alabama

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Dallas, Texas