Measurement Tools


To assess the effectiveness of the CNG Program and the progress of the students, each participating Boys & Girls Club organization implementing CNG utilizes a variety of measurement tools to evaluate outcomes in several areas. Research suggests these measurements are linked to positive development of academic and life success:

  • Membership consistency

  • Daily program attendance 

  • Reading & math proficiency

  • Student/parent perception of club experience

  • (other areas as determined by each BGC organization)

Examples of assessment tools used by CNG Program sites include:


  • STRIDE ACADEMY educational software that provides practice and pre- & post-test assessment in reading and math

  • Afterschool Program Assessment System (APAS) implemented by the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST).  APAS includes two measurement tools, the Survey of Afterschool Youth Outcomes (SAYO) and the Assessing Afterschool Program Practices Tool (APT).

  • Vision software to track attendance

  • Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) software to track attendance and survey various areas of club experience

  • DORA & ADAM (Software used to assess reading & math)

  • COMET (Assessments, Outcomes, Accountability) to record multiple categories including tracking parental engagement, identification of children with unmet needs, individualized data for monitoring progress and intervention