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Program Objectives

Each Center for a New Generation site aims to:

  • Provide hands-on, project-focused academic enrichment activities every day after school and during the summer to inspire students to enjoy learning by focusing on as many of the STREAM areas as possible depending on the hours & location of the program.

  • Provide daily homework assistance and supplemental academic activities to enhance their learning process. 

  • Increase the self-esteem & self-confidence of participating students to support their desire to succeed in education and life.

  • Provide parent/guardian meetings & present tools to increase their capability for navigating within the education system and provide appropriate support for their children.

  • Strongly encourage and promote membership in CNG through the 8th grade, then connect with a high school Program such as Diplomas to Degrees, College Bound, or other local, sustained, organized H.S. support group.


"CNG's primary focus is the children's well-being, not only academically, but also how they develop themselves as individuals."

– Iris (Parent)

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