Programmatic Standards


The Center for a New Generation Program Standards are adhered to in student selection and program implementation:

Student Selection

  • Students with a C grade point average or better (striving to do well in school)

  • Students with good behavior/citizenship in their regular classroom and CNG

  • Students recommended by their regular classroom teacher or principal

  • Motivated students who want to be in CNG and will attend at least 3 days per week

  • Students who make the commitment to remain in CNG (or recommended program) through the 8th grade and enroll in another college support program in high school

  • Parent commitment and involvement

Program Standards

  • Partnership with the local school district to provide classroom space and teachers

  • Partnership with local college to provide strong, active college students as teacher assistants and role models

  • Fun, hands-on, activities and projects

  • Positive, nurturing classroom environment and teacher/student relationship

  • Activities with a STEM, Language Arts, and Fine Arts focus

  • Low student/teacher ratio (no more than 12- 15:1)

  • Implementation of Boys and Girls Clubs of America Core programs focusing on Healthy & Life Skills, Chareacter & Leadership, and Education & Career.

  • No membership enrollment costs recommended to parent for out of school program